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Painter, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Cartoonist

A graduate of WPA - UAM in Kalisz, diploma in painting under prof. Jan Krzysztof Hrycek. Specialized in painting technique - airbrush.

The creator and author of "Woodstock Gitar" - hand-painted instruments. He paints on guitars of artists performing at Przystanek Woodstock. These guitars are auctioned every year during the auction of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, achieving record amounts and classifying themselves in the top of the highest bidder items. Szymon is the author of hand-painted helmets for athletes such as Karolina Pilarczyk, Maciej Kot and Kajetan Kajetanowicz. In 2017, together with Guitarist Guns'n Roses - Slash, he designed and painted a unique guitar, which was also transferred to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and auctioned for over 60,000 zlotys. In the airbrush technique, Szymon also created a lot of illustrations, including album covers of Big Cyc and Urszula bands, and book covers. For several years, his oil paintings have been exhibited in auction houses in Poland and abroad. In January 2019, the surreal painting Simon had painted for him was given to Slash and took him to his home in Los Angeles. Author of several exhibitions in the country, and foreign group exhibitions in Spain, England and France.


From 2017, the creator of the "Wypociny Malarzyny" internet program on the MalarzynaTv channel. Interviews and press information in Polish and foreign media, including Onet, Interia, Antyradio, Program 3 of Polish Radio, Tvn24, RmfFm, EuroSport, Playboy, Polsat, WP. Guest of programs "Good morning TVN" and "Onet Rano" He has a hammock at home, and at night he likes to learn to cook.

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